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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Storm Shelters, Safe Rooms and Tornado Shelters - TAA Advantage

Small_arrows Follow the links to see how our features make us the clear choice for your severe weather safety!


This is all we do, and we believe we do it better than anyone.

In addition to the 19 features we've listed in the links to the left, here is some more evidence to support our belief...


Exhibit A: Engineering Pros Love Our Design

Of the thousands of possible occupations our customers could have, nearly 1 in 10 of our clients hold engineering degrees, including Ph.D.s and professors of Mechanical Engineering. They recognize the strength and simplicity of our modular design...and they regularly "run the numbers" themselves.

Exhibit B: Weather Pros Love Our Innovation

Of the hundreds of shelter manufacturers in the industry, we are the only storm shelter company in the United States endorsed by a former Chief Meteorologist, an Emmy-winning severe weather professional with nearly 20 years of experience in the heart of Tornado Alley. We're proud to have Frank Mitchell of KTUL Channel 8 Tulsa in our corner.

Exhibit C: Customers Love Our Value

Since our debut in the fall of 2011 we have experienced dynamic growth nationwide, adding satisfied customers in 25 states and Canada in less than three years. Nearly a third of our customers are Do-It-Yourselfers who are happy to have finally located a high quality, user-friendly, modular and mobile safe room design. 

Exhibit D: Excellence in Quality Control

We're not a (fill in the blank)....and Safe Rooms company. This isn't a side job for us. We're not dealers of someone else's product, we are the manufacturer. We control the quality because we control the process, the labor and the materials. We purchase only raw materials that meet our strict specification, and fabricate our safe rooms right here at our Tulsa, OK facility to strict tolerances. Every safe room bolts up perfectly, looks fantastic, and meets all construction and quality control guidelines set forth by FEMA, ICC-500 and the National Storm Shelter Association. 

We've paid attention to every detail, considered every scenario, selected only the highest quality materials, demanded the highest quality workmanship, and employed smart engineering principles...not guess work...all to ensure your safety. 


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