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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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How Do You Know What You're Getting?
With So Many Claims Out There It's Hard To Tell

It's Impossible To Get Trapped In Our Bolt-Together Design 

Quality • Integrity • Safety
That's Just How We Roll....

Our Design Is Completely Portable
Just Disassemble and Take It With You When You Move!

Who Can You Trust in this UNREGULATED Industry?
NSSA Verification: Essential For Your Family's Safety

Affordable and Do-It-Yourself Friendly
KOAM Joplin Ad

Lifetime Protection With Tornado Alley Armor
KTUL Channel 8 Tulsa Ad - 2013 (Sorry, offer in video banner is expired)

Check out the next tab for several news stories featuring Tornado Alley Armor Safe Rooms!


TAA in the News

OETA Oklahoma News Report:
What To Look For When Shopping For Tornado Shelters

KTUL Channel 8 Tulsa:
Safe Rooms Displayed in Tulsa Promenade Mall

FOX23 Tulsa:
Storm Shelter Registration Customer Interview at TAA

KJRH Channel 2 Tulsa:
Storm Shelter Registration and Our Bolted Design Advantages

KOTV Channel 6 Tulsa:
DIY Installation Isn't New to Tornado Alley Armor

Business Brief at Safe Room Installation - May 2012

KTUL Channel 8 Tulsa:
Good Day Tulsa Interview

Kansas City 9:
Customer Do-It-Yourself Basement Installation

Kansas City 9:
Entrapment Proof Storm Shelter DIY Installation

Kansas City 41:
Springhill Couple Take Storm Protection Into Their Own Hands

Kansas City 41:
Couple Registers Storm Shelter With GPS Coordinates

Stand by for more Tornado Alley Armor features in the Dallas news!

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