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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Versatile design adapts to your needs

Need more space? What if your family grows? Kids move away? No problem!

Relocating at the same home is easy too

Versatile1Remodeling garage space?

The EZ Armor safe room can easily be moved or modified in your existing space to fit your changing needs. Converting your garage to living space? No problem! Our safe room panel design means it can easily be moved to another area of your home or new garage requiring no more than standard sized door openings.







Versatile2                                    Need a different size safe room?

Someday you may experience a change in family size, or you’d like a little more room in your garage. Additional 3-panel sets (a roof panel and its two supporting wall panels) may be purchased and installed to expand your safe room, or existing 3-panel sets may be removed to give you a smaller footprint. No other safe room on the market is more adaptable to meet your current family situation.






Versatile3A menacing shadow at the window?

The EZ Armor safe room doubles as an intruder-resistant “panic” room as well, giving the owner a secure haven from criminals and trespassers. Once locked safely inside, you can sound alarms, call the police and wait for help to arrive. With our double-actuated latch system, the intruder cannot get to you and he cannot lock you in. You have full control of the door from inside the safe room.






Keep firearms and valuables secure Versatile4

The EZ Armor safe room may also be used as a secure space where money, valuables, records, documents and firearms can be securely stored and protected from theft or unauthorized access. It is the ideal solution for large collections or a large amount of valuables that require more space than a standard safe.

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