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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Advantage 9:  MULTI-duty use: Storm Shelter | Panic Room | Gun Safe | Personal Property Vault
Due to its easy access and secure design, Tornado Alley Armor works perfectly as a home invasion panic room, a gun safe and a personal property vault. Whether it is installed in the garage, closet or spare room, our safe room is only a few short steps away should an intruder break into your home. The steel door can be secured in LESS THAN ONE SECOND from the inside providing a solid steel barrier between you and the criminal. Once safe inside cell phones can be used to call for help, but conventional hand gun and hunting rounds won't penetrate the shell. And with the dual-action override mechanism you cannot be locked in from the outside! Tornado Alley Armor safe rooms may also be used to secure firearms like a gun safe, and to keep personal property locked away from theives. Try that with an outdoor or underground safe room. Get the most for your money, buy Tornado Alley Armor!


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