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Monday, February 19, 2018
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STUDY: Most tornado related injuries occur while seeking shelter


Did you know that most injuries and fatalities from tornadoes occur while people are searching for a safe haven from the violent winds and flying debris? It's a fact. As severe weather approaches, warnings to ”take shelter immediately” are often disregarded as homeowners remain inside their homes to monitor the path of the storm on live televised weather alerts. It is only when their “safety comfort zone” is exceeded that the decision is made to move to an emergency shelter. Unfortunately, many times this decision is delayed until the tornado is within striking distance with its extreme wind and airborne debris...not to mention high winds, driving rain and hail.

 Although many homes located in the path of a tornado may be severely damaged or destroyed, they still offer a significant level of safety from flying debris and high winds as the storm approaches. An indoor safe room is much safer to access than an outdoor shelter.

With a Tornado Alley Armor Safe Room securely anchored inside your home or garage, you and your family remain safely indoors when the decision is made to “Take Shelter Immediately!” There is no need risk injury or death from flying debris while running to an outside shelter. Whether anchored in a closet or in the garage, you have the added safety and assurance of knowing your home is providing additional safety from flying debris while accessing your INDOOR safe room.

Make Tornado Alley Armor your 1st choice for smart, safe severe weather protection!


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