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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Do I Need a Building Permit to Install my Safe Room?


Some municipalities require a permit (and its associated fee) for just about anything that can be built, displayed, moved, altered, installed or regulated inside the city limit, including the installation of above ground safe rooms. They may or may not have specific requirements, such as:

  • Drawings of the proposed installation site and the location of the safe room within it,
  • Pre- and/or post-installation inspections
  • Applications submitted in person

Other municipalities are more pragmatic on their permitting requirements, and some require no permit at all to install our safe rooms. They understand installing our safe room is virtually no different than bolting down a gun safe, which requires no permit. You will need to determine the method your city has adopted.

Most cities will require us to register with them separately (and pay a fee) to install the safe room if you've chosen the professional installation option.

  NOTE: Our anchor system does not structurally alter or compromise your foundation or slab. Additionally, for post-tension cable slabs we electronically scan the slab and mark the location of the cables. We position the safe room so that none of the anchor bolts compromise your cables or slab warranty, if applicable.
Since our customer base spans literally coast to coast, it is not possible or practical for us, as Tulsa-based manufacturers, to coordinate all the various permitting requirements for every municipality. Obtaining permits is the duty of local contractors, dealers, distributors, or home owners, and not Tornado Alley Armor as the product manufacturers.


If you happen to be a FEMA rebate recipient be sure to check the all the requirements and deadlines. Check with the city building or permit department in your town to find out if a permit is required.

If so, it is highly recommended that you obtain it in a timely fashion...well before your scheduled installation date. Sometimes it can take a few weeks for your city to process the permit paperwork. We are happy to assist you with any guidance or additional documents the city or rebate administrator may request. If you need a permit be sure to start the process when you order your safe room!

DON'T BE INTIMIDATED! Getting a permit for a storm shelter may involve completing a simple building permit application for your safe room, providing a copy of your property plot plan (or survey) with the tornado shelter location designated on the drawing. You will be responsible for all permit paperwork and fees. We will work with you to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Don't worry...we have a 100% success rate providing permit documentation and rebate requirements for our customers. Our safe rooms are guaranteed to be eligible for FEMA rebate program funding for verified rebate recipients in participating jurisdictions or we'll buy back the safe room! 



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