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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Advantage 3: Producer Member/ National Storm Shelter Association

Don't accept excuses where your family's safety is concerned! The NSSA is the gold standard of safe room design intergrity, ethics and compliance, and we're among the  elite few who have earned and maintain membership in this FEMA recognized self-policing association.

Look for the NSSA seal, your assurance of safe room excellence.

Our NSSA Producer Member status assures you, the consumer, that:

  • Our safe room design has been thoroughly checked for strength and code compliance by a certified Professional Engineer (FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500 Standards for Safe Room Design & Construction); THEN
  • All calculations, drawings & quality control systems have been peer reviewed by a second, NSSA-approved certified Professional Engineer familiar with safe room design codes and requirements
  • Design changes are scrutinized in the same manner to assure continued safety
  • All required debris missile impact testing has been perfomed and documented;
  • Quality control systems are in place for construction and installation;
  • Your installation will be performed properly;
  • Your safe room will qualify for state and federal safe room funding and rebate programs if available, and
  • We have taken an oath of ethics to provide only the highest quality of FEMA-compliant safe rooms

With our NSSA membership, you don't have to wonder if you're working with a legitimate or a fly-by-night operator, or if your safe room will qualify for FEMA funding. NSSA = BEST OF THE BEST


The storm shelter industry is UNREGULATED. That means anyone with a welder, fiberglass resin or cement mixer can decide to build shelters today and start manufacturing them tomorrow with no design oversight, no regulations, and no concern for your safety. Membership in a professional industry association is not required, so beware.

Also, you may run across another storm shelter association out there claiming to be on par with the NSSA, a claim which is demonstrably FALSE! The missing element can only be found by comparing their guidelines to the NSSA's.  

A step found in the NSSA requirements is omitted from their membership requirements....the most critical, difficult and time consuming requirement designed to ensure your safety.... independent 3rd party FEMA compliance verification..... allowing their members to be able to more easily join that association and consequently participate in FEMA rebate programs. 



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