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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Our shelters move when you do


Mobility of US homeowners is a fact of life. Careers advancements, upgrades, downsizes, families, life events, opportunities,… they all factor into making our society a mobile one. According to one nationwide realty company, the average homeowner will move to a new residence every 5-7 years!

Tornado Alley Armor designed our safe rooms with mobility in mind.





Preserving your valuable investment
If you’re like most folks, once you’ve paid for something you’d like to keep it…and that feeling grows as the size of the investment increases. Chances are if you move and you’ve installed a competitor’s storm shelter you’re going to either leave it a) buried in the ground, or b) sitting in old the garage because it’s so cumbersome and expensive to move. The new homeowner will reap the advantages of your investment and you’ll be without a safe room once again. Recovering the cost as part of your real estate negotiation is unlikely.




Mari, retired and 65, wanted a safe room for her Pensacola, FL home.

She ordered a 10-person Guardian and chose the DIY installation option.

Two years later she disassembled, moved and reinstalled her safe room when she decided to move to Georgia.

You can do the same. Why not invest in a safe room you can take it with you?




Preserving the peace of mind a safe room provides

Slide083There’s nothing quite like being under a tornado warning when you’re sitting directly in the projected path. The peace of mind our safe rooms provide is something that doesn’t have to be lost when you move. The bolted panel design makes it easy for the DIY homeowner to easily disassemble the safe room into manageable components, load it up, and reassemble it at the new location. Your peace of mind remains intact.

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