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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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The GUARDIAN has been our most popular safe room model to date. With its ample interior space, entrapment proof design, and the nifty override mechanism on the latch, it eases the anxiety of even the most severe claustrophobes. There's plenty of room for a large family, plus pets, neighbors, keepsakes, valuables, and emergency supplies.

And...if you ask for our "Guardian PLUS" upgrade, you'll have everything you need to configure it as a CHAMPION, a DEFENDER, a RAMPART or a GUARDIAN model. That is an adaptable safe room!



GUARDIAN installed in 3rd garage bay 

Thank you for the installing our shelter . I feel safe now:) If you would get me a sign to go in my yard I will lol.

Thank you again, great job!

Stephanie D, Owasso OK



Scott V, Haskell OK

New construction installation under a staircase, with door facing into the garage. Only 1" clearance and still an easy install. 



A Do-It-Yourself GUARDIAN install in progress. 

Just got my safe room delivered first thing this morning! !! I'm so excited to get it set up....

My husband and dad putting ours up! I love it! If you have any yard signs I'd be glad to put one up here in my subdivision! I'm in Oronogo MO! just let me know...not many shelters in my subdivision of new homes! I'm proud of mine! I love my shelter and feel so much safer now.

Jodi V


My husband just finished installing our daughter Jodi's storm shelter in Oronogo. Couldn't be more pleased. We all have a little more peace of mind. Hope it stays vacant this spring!

The installation was no problem for Richard...just little assistance with some lifting. He said it was a pretty easy task :):-)

Ali S



A completed Do-It-Yourself GUARDIAN installation

Another satisfied customer. Complete self install in about four hours. Thanks, Monty.

Bud H, Carthage, MO


You can always see more photos of our F5 rated safe rooms and satisfied customers too.


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