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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Texas Delivery Zones

Tornado Shelter Freight and Delivery Rates from Dallas Texas



We've got you covered



Our Freight and Delivery Rates are the most affordable you'll find anywhere in Texas.

Rates are based on four factors:

  1. Distance calculation between our store in Richardson TX and the delivery address
  2. Weight of the safe room being delivered
  3. Mode of Transport - Shipping DIY safe room kits by common carrier to Zone 3 and beyond is typically cheaper than delivering them by company vehicle for a professional installation. For installations, Zone 3 and beyond may require an overnight lodging fee for larger safe rooms.
  4. Delivery Variables - Common carriers charge an additional $50 for residential delivery, and another $50 for the hydraulic lift gate required to unload the palletized safe room kit at your curb.

ZONE 1: 0-50 mile radius - FREE DELIVERY

Covers all the Dallas / Ft Worth metro region and nearby cities

ZONE 2: 51-150 mile radius

ZONE 3: 151-250 mile radius

ZONE 4: 251-350 mile radius

ZONE 5: 351-state line

The Zones illustrated here are approximated "as the crow flies" distances. Google Maps road mileage will be used in the calculation to determine the actual delivery distance.

You can even build your own quote, including the shipping calculation, from the Shop or Quote tab.



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