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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Entrapment is virtually impossible

Our panelized design allows easy emergency egress from any panel location

Regardless of manufacturer’s claims to the contrary, storm debris can block egress from ANY shelter or safe room. It doesn’t matter whether it’s above ground or underground; whether the door swings inward or outward, heavy storm debris can still block the door making egress impossible without the aid of rescuers. What do you do if your storm shelter has one way in and out and it’s blocked by heavy debris?



You need to especially consider the hazards posed by in-the-garage-floor style safe room designs:

  1. Storm debris from your home and elsewhere is almost certain to come to rest on top of your door
  2. An automobile will most likely be sitting directly above your only means of escape
  3. That automobile's fuel tank will be directly above your head
  4. Your home's main water supply is typically in or very near your garage. Storm-damaged water pipes will become uncontrolled fountains of water flowing across the garage floor...toward you.
  5. Heavier-than-air vapors (often flammable) can and will accumulate in your confined space below the floor, displacing oxygen your family needs to breathe
  6. They are a favored nesting place for brown recluse (fiddleback) spiders 


Entapment2Our EZ Armor virtually eliminates the possibility of entrapment with its above ground, unique panel design. With two small wrenches stored inside the safe room (which we provide and zip tie inside), any wall or roof panel can be used as an immediate emergency egress route in the event the door is blocked by debris. The occupants would simply choose a panel to unbolt....top, sides, back, or end... loosen the 24 bolts of that panel, and push it right out for an emergency escape. If you can't push it out...pull it in!  You WILL be able to get out quickly. Most other safe room designs offer no alternate means of egress other than the door. A few provide hydraulic jacks or mechanical leverage devices to pry the door open (which you pay for), but there may still be debris blocking the exit route. The surest best in the Tornado Alley Armor safe room!




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