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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Tornado Alley Armor AwesomeBlog!

Your Comprehensive Guide to Severe Weather Protection! Safe Rooms, Tornado Storm Shelters, FEMA Standards & Grant Programs, National Storm Shelter Association News, Site Selection, Installation Guides, Tips from the Pros....and more!

DIY Do-It-Yourself Above Ground Safe Room Customer with Closet Installation

We love hearing about our customer's experiences with our NSSA verified EF-5 Rated Safe Rooms. Read on to hear what Frank O. had to say about his Tornado Alley Armor DIY installation...

Name Frank O
Message Very nice innovative product that can be installed in a existing space within a existing home interior without any major modifications, removing walls, doors etc. I would purchase this product over a pre-constructed one piece shelter due to the options of getting out of the shelter, the fact that it can be relocated easily to another location within the residence (or moved to another residence) and even relocated/expanded in size at a later date if desired. The sales persons were very helpful, courteous and patient in assisting me with the size of the unit for my particular needs and application. The installer team did a superb job with a perfect finish product installation with no issues. They were professional, courteous, timely - it doesn't get any better than this. I thank you all for such a positive experience,
CUSTOMER RATINGS   1(worst) - 7(Best)
Design and Quality  7
Price  7
Website  7
Helpful Sales Staff  7
On Time Delivery  7
Documents  7
Installer  7
Final Product  7
Support after sale  7
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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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