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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Our Modular Bolt Together Safe Rooms are truly Do-It-Yourself Friendly

For ease of installation, our modular bolted design is the gold standard of the safe room and storm shelter industry. The only tools required to completely assemble and anchor our safe room to your concrete slab are shown here. You can mix and match the tools you have, borrow from a friend, or rent the best tools for the job at many of the big box home improvement stores. The better the tools, the faster and easier the job!

Tools you'll need for an easy installation



Our easy to follow instructions give you tips and advice every step of the way. We even share techniques you can use to place the roof panels without assistance, but we recommend grabbing a friend if you can...it makes the work a lot more fun!


That’s really all you need… really!

No concrete saw, no backhoe, no cement truck, no forklift, no heavy duty trucks or trailers, no ruts in your yard, no fences to take down, no unsightly dirt mounds in the yard, and no mess before, during or after the installation. Of course there are always little “tricks of the trade” that professional installers may use to make the job a little more efficient, but the tools listed are all you really need to get the job done….really!



What about the “other guys”?

Well, they design their shelters another way. Their products are typically cumbersome concrete or welded steel boxes that can’t be altered without a welder, can’t be moved without expensive heavy equipment, or worse still.... they’re buried in the ground forever.  You move away, and the shelter stays with its happy new owners.

The other guys are either digging a huge hole in your yard or garage floor, or they’re bringing in a convoy of heavy equipment to extricate their product off the trailer and into your garage. You have no choice but to pay for their service to install their product, because you’re sure as heck not going to be able to do it yourself… that is unless you happen to be a heavy equipment contractor! All that heavy equipment isn’t free, and you’ll see that when you see their final invoice price.


So, when it comes to taking “other” shelters with you when you move to your new home ….. fugget-about-it!


These are only some of the typical types of equipment used by most safe room and storm shelter companies. Lots of noise, lots of mess, and lots of potential damage to your driveway and property.



You’d like to install a safe room inside your existing home?

No Problem!

With our modular system it’s easy to carry all the components through any standard door in your home to any room with a concrete slab floor. There’s no need to tear out walls or door frames to get a shelter in there, and no need for “cu$tom fit in$tallation$”, usually costing twice the price of a standard unit.














This isn't exactly what we'd consider an "easy" custom installation, would you?



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